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Dear Valued Customers,


I would like to inform you that as of September 1 we relocate our office and warehouse to Takagamine, Kita-ku, Kyoto City. Takagamine is located in the northern part of Kyoto City. During the Edo period the public office ordered the farmers to grow medicinal herbs in this field, which contributed to the medical development and is now engraved as ‘Takagamine herb garden’. Therefore, it is such a traditional and venerable place. I chose this place as I believe it best fits my company concept to respect tradition as well as my new office and warehouse which is going to take the first step after renovation.


We had the 70th anniversary of our company last year. Then I took this opportunity to renew the company name to read as “FUJITA Co., Ltd.”. We had originally started our business as a timber dealer, but more than 20 years ago we newly started renovation work for old houses in Kyoto. We have already renovated many Machiya houses in Kyoto by orders from domestic and foreign customers and won their satisfaction. I was personally moved by Japanese old buildings over 100 years ago as well as the old timber materials which are not only old but also hold mysterious beauty. I have tried so far to shed light on them and derive the charm as much as possible. I will keep on trying to collect such beautiful, mysterious and valuable old timber materials from all over Japan. By way of using them together with new building materials, I want to provide such traditional Kyoto-like buildings that customers are satisfied and feel peace of mind.


Thank you for your even more support to our new office and warehouse !

Takashi Fujita, President

Fujita Co., Ltd.

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